Our Secret Sauce

Gain valuable insight from seasoned industry specialists who know your sector and can help you achieve your goals faster.
Elevate Your Perspective
What’s the result of an optimized data-centric strategy supported by the right messaging and resonating visuals? More Customers.

Why LVT?

Individually, each principal has over a decade of experience learning, honing, and mastering his skills. After seeing how effective our synergy helped propel the success of numerous projects, we decided to launch LVT. The result is marketing magic.

Custom Approach

We know what works well, and what doesn’t. But every client is unique and every solution we develop will be custom tailored to your specific goals, budget, and KPIs. The result will be measurable and duplicatable success.

Messaging Master

Ron Nielsen

After working in various management roles for Fortune 500 corporations, Ron spent the next twenty years pioneering successful B2B technology startups and consulting other entrepreneurs. He became an expert at developing cohesive teams, establishing efficient processes, nurturing relationships, and writing compelling copy that tips the scales.

His practical knowledge and experience with growing companies from conception through expansion, combined with a natural gift for wordsmithing wizardry, has helped elevate marketing communications for LVT clients to new levels.

Sales Savant

Stefano Walker

As an accomplished senior-level marketing and business development executive with over two decades of leadership and entrepreneurial success, Stefano has demonstrated a remarkable ability to create value and drive growth. He fosters enduring partnerships with clients, employees, and industry stakeholders, which has led to several successful ventures and exits.

Today, his collaborative and relationship-driven approach accelerates identifying new opportunities and implementing customer-focused strategies for LVT clients while improving brand loyalty and market share expansion.

Data Doctor

Jason Kamara

With degrees in marketing and psychology, Jason has spent over a decade in the field of performance marketing, primarily serving B2B tech startups. He is skilled in developing and systematically implementing effective strategic guidance for companies valued between $10M and $100M.

His ability to marry AI & automation with data-driven methodologies yields consistently impressive performance metrics for LVT clients. His client-centric focus is bolstered by expertise across multiple acquisition channels—from organic search and paid media to email and social.

Visual Virtuoso

Mike Pierce

With over thirty years of design experience under his utility belt, Mike has led an impressive career as an expert print and digital branding specialist. His creative vision and systematic process for considering the big picture while factoring it into the most meticulous details is what makes him the superhero you want enhancing your identity.

His strategic thinking, design prowess, and technical skills have become the catalyst for the success of all LVT clients. Whether creating a brand from conception or building an arsenal of high-value assets to support continued success, Mike will exceed expectations.

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