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Establishing a sharp and purposeful brand identity early helps attract interest you can leverage later.

Pre-Seed Round Strategy

It’s essential to cultivate your success as early as possible by proactively preparing your go-to-market strategy long before you’re ready to launch.

This begins with creating a brand identity including logo, mark, voice, personality and the guidelines for maintaining a consistent and reliable presence. Then, focus on building your website and social profiles to promote your achievements.

Seed Round Strategy

Proving your solution has merit and is worth buying or investing in will take time. The best way to do that is by planting on fertile soil.

Implement effective analytics tools and optimize your promotional spend. Then expand your marketing arsenal with assets that explain your approach and increase your influence to connect your concept with potential customers.

Developing a smart and powerful marketing engine now helps drive awareness around your achievements.

Series A Strategy

With a solid root system under you, it’s time to create a steady drip promotional campaign. The objective is to increase awareness through thought leadership content.

Now it’s time to increase your marketing maturity. Target the types of buyers and investors who will be most interested. Analyze the intelligence and adjust tactics to put the right content in front of the right people at the right time.

Series B Strategy

As your business begins to bloom, you should revitalize your promotional presence. And leverage your most compelling content across all your effective channels. 

You’ll also want to overhaul your website with new infographics, animations, and explainer videos. This helps the world understand what you do, how, and why. Then, increase your advertising to drive more ideal prospects to it.

Creating a strong and prominent social presence today helps validate credibility to expand your influence.

Series C & D Strategy

You should now be seeing the fruits of your labor start to pay off. Your roots are strong, your intelligence is dialed-in, and your influence is expanding.

But to maintain this competitive advantage, you‘ll need to level up your customer qualifying and nurturing processes. Increase prospect engagement, improve marketing alignment, and enhance data automation to strengthen your position.

Go-To-Market Strategy

LVT has the strategies and implementation experience to help successfully bring your business to market and position you as a leader in your field.

Just as it takes time to develop and prove your solution, it will take time to develop and prove your standing. Schedule a no-obligation discovery call to tell us what you do and learn how we can help get it in front of the right buyers.

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