Our Story

When you look behind the scenes to see our inspiration and intention, you’ll find the key to unlocking your business’s potential.
Elevate Your Capabilities
Let’s fill your funnel and close more customers, with a sustainable strategy for long-term success.

Our Purpose, Passion, And Pursuit of Excellence

LVT stands for Elevate. It’s the one word that perfectly describes our reason for being and the value we bring to all our clients. We’re a partnership of four highly experienced, exceptionally skilled, and like-minded leaders with a laser-focused pursuit to manifest measurable growth with repeatable results.

Our astounding ability to plan successful campaigns, write effective messaging, design attention-grabbing user experiences, and leverage AI-assisted analytics to drive the right prospects to your sales cycle efficiently is just second nature for us.

But there is a selfish component too. We truly enjoy working together. The thrill of collaborating on custom solutions, strategizing how to make them successful, then executing each of our individual roles with precision feels like a finely tuned machine doing exactly what it was created to do. – Make you more money.

Our Creed & Company Canon

At the heart of LVT is a creed on which each of us has built our professional careers. Individually, these beliefs helped elevate our skills, but collectively they serve to elevate your success. Isn’t this the foundation you want supporting your growth?

Our Value To Your Business


Each LVT principal is an expert in their core competencies and has excelled in digital marketing for decades. Yet collectively have that elusive, game-changing “it” factor that inherently results in quantifiable success.


We leverage cutting-edge technology and industry best practices while slightly bending the rules to pioneer the most effective way to position your brand in front of the right prospects.


We believe the best results are forged through a team effort, so we prefer to work closely with our clients and align our solutions with their unique needs to achieve more than they anticipated.


Data drives every decision we make; from the type of analytics, we wish to capture and the tools we’ll use to tell the story to how it will influence the direction of our journey toward creating sustainable results.


Helping you achieve next-level growth is a commitment we standby because we’ve got skin in the game too. By providing exceptional service and exceeding your expectations, we hope to earn your public praise.
Your Capabilities